About the Company

Who are we?


The team is made up of a dedicated group of people with common interests and varying talents. It is our principle to work as hard as we can in order to achieve our striving goals. Our main goal is to study AI systems that are embedded into our everyday life at an increasing pace.

We are ready to extend our team as we find people with common interest and special talents. Minyma welcomes motivated analysts and experimenters and is excited to support them in their research.


Our focus is to build a company that can support its own scientific exploration and experiments. We aim to achieve the freedom of branching out, unrestricted by budget to pursue our research in the field of information technologies driven by curiosity.

The key to navigating future is making the best decisions based on all the information we have. Minyma will focus on exploring efficient data management and comprehension methods along side human-AI interactions and knowledge representation systems.

The inevitability of the solutions fulfilment is unassailable. Minyma seeks to establish the probe.


DevOps / MLOps

Máté Antal

Persistent and creative developer. The guy who makes things work at 2AM.

Full Stack Developer

Tamás Ravasz

Skillful and highly valuable team member with an in-depth knowledge in software engineering.

Frontend Developer

Zalán Bokor

Talented frontend developer, working on our blockchain related developments.

Backend Developer

Ádám Godra

Precise developer and critical thinker, currently writing blockchain-based software solutions.

DevOps Engineer

Zoltán Karsa

He’s the guy who somehow never had to study in college…

UX/UI Designer

Szabolcs Vatány

An extremely humble, talented, and organized person who knows what to say no for.

Full Stack Developer

Szabolcs Vidám

A one man army who just somehow happens to know the answer to most technical questions.

Social Media Manager

Isabella Rawaa Saleh

Study influencer with more than 600k followers on Instagram and TikTok.


Ferenc Demeter

Boy, he knows how to navigate in this legal mess.


Paul J. Boylan

Overseeing company operations, managing public relations.


Gergő Sebestyén

Head of financial decisions involving infrastructural investments and raising capital.


Ákos Jakub

Head of Development, machine learning expert, technological planning.


Tamás Imets

The originator of the company.

Advisors & Mentors


Tamás Turcsán

Hungarian startup community organiser, social innovator, startup evangelist, COO & founder at Pozi.io.