Minyma Partners With Ether Cards for NFT Development

What are NFTs?

The recent new trend in the blockchain-space, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets made to represent real-world objects, such as digital art, videos, music or even in-game collectable items.

A lot of the current excitement surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens is with regards to using this new technology in order to sell digital art.

About the project

The Ether Cards project takes the NFT trend a step further by delivering a platform that provides tools for developers, creators and enthusiasts to gamify their tokens with a refreshingly new approach.

Ether Cards aims to provide the opportunity to generate continuous engagement with a community driven NFT framework through collectible tokens that now, as well as looking amazing, also have a function, a number of perks, and are potentially able to provide benefits for future purchases depending on the context in which said project is being developed.

The Minyma developer team is currently working on data processing and back-end within the project framework, with the prospect of smart contracts development in the future.

Learn more about the Ether Cards project here.

What this means for us

At the very core of the goal of our company is to explore and develop innovative and exciting projects. Many consider NFTs to be a key alteration for the future of finance. As Ether Cards attempts to attribute even more meaning and versatility to NFTs, we are thrilled to take part in the project.

Get in touch with us if you too are interested in cooperation or in need of an ambitious team of developers specialized in machine learning, data science and knowledge representation systems at: info@minyma-tech.com

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