Quino - AI-Assisted Learning

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Quino aims to deliver an affordable, AI-assisted learning method for students and researchers that helps attain fast and simple study practices and easier knowledge navigation in the age of information.

The Age of Information

The current world economy is centered on information technology. Modernized information systems and internet communications are direct influencers of social evolution. However, a somewhat unexpected result of these advances is immense information noise, which is not just a nuisance but can oftentimes be harmful & dangerous.

There is no single, simple answer to solving the issue of information noise as of yet, but the importance of ever-increasing efforts to do so is more obvious by the day.

AI-Assisted Learning

The Astounding speed of AI advances isn’t news anymore. The excellence of AI products will probably be a main theme in the years to come.

There is no point in fearing them, however. The best approach we can take as a species is to use it to our societal benefit to the farthest possible extent.

The speed and quantity of data we can process are key factors in navigating the age of information. AI-assisted learning, therefore, is a logical step to take for society as a whole as these advanced technologies develop in our surroundings.

Quino - Learn Easy. Learn Fast.

The idea of an AI-assisted learning app with personalized study material management emerged when the lack of focus on this arguably important and urgent area became obvious to us.

Quino consists of detailed document analysis, including summarization, bullet pointing, and smart document search, as well as note-taking and document management. Knowledge testing in the form of flashcards is of key importance, but most of all, the idea of students or researchers interacting with their study material through AI-assisted question answering is what can really make Quino a useful app to today’s students and hopefully society as a whole. The main differentiator from other similar AI products is the fact that Quino doesn’t simply find answers based on previously fed & tested data, but can identify the frame of reference and produce contextual answers. Most importantly: it does so in a fraction of a second.

Quino is currently in the launch process. We are constantly in search of partners and Beta testers, so if you believe this to be an exciting project as well, then don’t hesitate to join our community of Beta Testers or get in touch with us at hello@quino.ai.