Identity 20XY - Augmented Reality on the Blockchain

What is AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a system of adding virtual objects in the form of visual information to the surrounding perceivable world. A starkly different approach than Virtual Reality (VR), where the experience of the user is entirely based on virtual information, AR combines the digital with the surrounding physical environment.

Why connect it with NFTs?

The need to find blockchain solutions for AR is getting more obvious by the day. The emergence of the metaverse and the ever expanding needs and possibilities raises questions about privacy and the evasive nature of big tech solutions: Is it even possible to enter the AR space without knowingly or unintentionally giving up intimate personal data?

Blockchain-based Web 3.0 technology opens up the possibility of decentralized, token-based economy solutions to us as a species. It introduces the decipherment of a more private outcome of the AR integration conundrum in an adaptable way. This prospect inspired us to find a resilient solution.

Read more about NFTs and our involvement here.

Identity 20XY

The Identity 20XY project represents the basis of our AR to Blockchain resolve. It aims to create a technology that is practical in everyday life and useful in the metaverse. Our goal is to develop a method of utilization that respects privacy and anonymity as well as allowing for unique, colorful self-expression.


The idea comes from mask filters that conceal the face in streams and online meetings, as well as pre-recorded videos and photos for social media in a compact and refined way. It also opens up the path to digital artists and 3D creatives who can express themselves through delivering sophisticated and stylish artworks that people can identify with and even display during their everyday social media interactions.

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Another exciting aspect of the project is the utilization of ERC721A. Azuki have reached a remarkable breakthrough in this field: they have created an spectacular implementation of IERC721 with significant gas savings for minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction, named ERC721A. The new version enables minting of multiple NFTs for very nearly the same price of minting a single one. This level of innovation excites us, as it can be viewed as all around beneficial. Our excitement has pushed us to indeed use it as the basis for our own NFT project. Read more about ERC721A here.

Future Prospects

After the Identity 20XY drop, we will concentrate on evolving and building the technology even further. We want to introduce the wider NFT community, collectors and creators alike, to the AR approach on Galaxis. We believe it to be revolutionary in the amount of value it can add to the NFT space as a whole.

We will make the technology available for interested parties as soon as we deem it entirely stable.

More Information

Contact us at if you are interested or have further questions about the technology.